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Mask Fest

Vendor Information:

Our ballroom will be packed with plenty of opportunities to sell horror toys, t-shirts, books, movies, masks, art and autographs. Tables are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. No table is guaranteed - the ONLY way to secure a vendor space is to email us the required information below and WAIT for a response. An emailed response will include a link to place an order for your vendor space. If you do not receive this link – and order your space via the provided link – you DO NOT have a booth. Any vendors who mail or paypal payment without prior authorization will have their payments returned. Check out information below for dealer rules, tips and suggestions:


Vendor Information
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Vendor Times
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Vendor Rules
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Table Cost

Tables are available at a first-serve basis.


To secure table space, you must email the below information to weekend@horrorhound.com (who are you, what do you sell, etc). Once we receive your request, you will be placed on a list and if approved, will be emailed a link to complete your vendor purchase (FOR SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES, PLEASE EMAIL US). Vendor links will be emailed in a combination of first-come/first-serve, as well as filtering to assure a broad vendor selective for our attendees (i.e. we will not sell out our vendor room to 100 t-shirt vendors). This is done so to protect the vendors themselves, as well as assure a dynamic vendor room for attendees. Once selected – we will send you a vendor contract, based on availability. Tables are only guaranteed via payment through the ordering link submitted in our email to you. Please, DO NOT mail or paypal funds - the ONLY way to secure a space is to email your information to weekend@horrorhound.com (again, it is very important to include your company name – and what you sell). It is VERY important to include what you sell! Booths are approx 6x6' in space. Email any questions regarding these prices. Reminder: Our shows sell out months in advance – space is limited. Request your space today!

Vendor Times
Vendors will be able to begin load-in on FRIDAY MORNING – 12:00pm NOON. Unless granted alternate load-in time prior to event. If you do not receive confirmation that you can load-in prior to Friday, you will NOT be granted access to earlier load-in.
Vendors will be allowed into the Vendor all day Friday until Vendor area closes.
Vendors will be allowed into the Vendor area Saturday and Sunday 1-hour before opening.
Vendors will NOT be permitted into the Vendor area after the Vendor area closes to the public.

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Vendor Rules
  • All vendor/exhibitor tables/space must be manned at all times during show hours set forth above.
  • If any vendor/exhibitor has special requirements, including but not limited to large display racks, easels, stand-ups, etc. A HorrorHound representative must approve at the time the tables/space is booked.
  • Vendors may not hang large banners in any areas of the convention except within their own vendor area.
  • Vendor agrees to maintain booth until end-of-show (Sunday; 5pm). Any vendor who breaks down prior to close-of show may be fined $50 per table to be paid before future table sales are approved. Early breakdown penalty must be paid prior to next HorrorHound Weekend event.
  • No space is guaranteed in any instance. Any funds paid by vendors/exhibitors will be refunded if HorrorHound does not approve vendor/exhibitor contract.
  • Electricity is not guaranteed. Vendor may be available at an upcharge by the Indianapolis Convention Center and may result in additional fees. All vendors are responsible for providing any extension cords or power adapters needed for their set-up.
  • All merchandise bought or sold at HorrorHound Weekend is done strictly between vendors/exhibitors and attendees/buyers, - HorrorHound Ltd. are not party to or responsible in any way for any transactions made between said parties.
  • No bootleg (DVDs), weapons (lethal or non-lethal), pornographic, illegal, stolen or copyright infringed merchandise please. Violation of this may result in vendor being asked to leave and there will be no refunds of vendor space purchase. HorrorHound Ltd. reserves the right to decide what is appropriate/ inappropriate material.
  • Each vendor is responsible for all Federal, State and Local taxes required by law to be owed based on your individual dealings during the convention.
  • TABLES ARE SOLD AT FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS! Placement is not guaranteed and Vendor Rooms will be filled accordingly.

Sales Tax Information
The State of Indiana requires the seller of ANYTHING to fillout a Tax Application. Completeting the application online helps reduce the time it takes to register with the Indiana Department of Revenue. Once your application is completed and submitted, the Indiana Department of Revenue will contact you within 48 hours regarding the status of your application.
  • If you are ONLY selling items in Ohio at HorrorHound Weekend during the year then select Seasonal so your Sales Tax is not due every month except for the one month you sell in.
  • We do not verify/check each vendors resell certificates but considering it's a Felony to not file/register Sales Tax in Ohio the $25 cost is minimal.

Vendor List
To help fans attending HorrorHound Weekend this September 6-8, 2019 – we will create an online vendor guide to let fans know some of the various companies currently scheduled to attend the event. This is in no way a finalized list - if you are a vendor whose company is not included on this page, please email weekend@horrorhound.com to request its inclusion!
  • Who's vending HorrorHound Weekend?

  • If your name does not appear in the above link, yet you pre-ordered your tables, please email weekend@horrorhound.com – one oversight may be the lack of company names (anyone who has never provided a company name would not have been included in the above list, aside from artists and authors). (please note, we are always updating the vendor list)
Vendors: If we are missing your links - email us at weekend@horrorhound.com today!


HorrorHound Thanks You!

In hopes of making HorrorHound Weekend one of the most enjoyable events possible, we thanks every vendor, guest and attendie for their support in the making of this show. One of the tag lines HorrorHound Magazine utilizes is: "Feed the Beast: Tell Your Friends" and we appreciate every single individual who helps make this tag line a reality. HorrorHound Weekend will be one of the most talked-about horror conventions of recent years and we hope it is the first in a long line of continued events. Thanks to everyone who has, and continues to help make this a reality.