Fun For Kids!

Last year, in celebration of HorrorHound's 10th Anniversary, we presented a special art contest just for kids! As a thank you to the amazing volume of kids who participated, we will be running many of those coloring jobs in our Fall exclusive issue of HorrorHound Magazine! And since it was such as success, we thought it would be a blast to present a new piece of artwork by Jeff Rebner – a "Madball" inspired HorrorHound – to print out and color! You can download and print this special HorrorHound art print, just for the little ones to color and have fun with (use paints, crayons, markers, etc ... under adult supervision, of course)! Anyone who brings their child's completed art print to the Sept 9-11th HorrorHound Weekend event will receive a special gift! It's easy. Just CLICK HERE to download a hires version of the HorrorHound artwork (by Jeff Rebner) and print it out! Have fun – and we hope to see these amazing finished prints this September!