Our ballroom will be packed with plenty of opportunities to purchase horror toys, t-shirts, books, movies, masks, art and autographs.

Show Hours
UPDATED INFORMATION: Show hours are as such. Please note that early-admission tickets will be allowed an hour early entry into the convention, based on the hours noted below, Friday and Saturday only!
  • Friday
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Open: 4pm.
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Close: 10pm.
  • Saturday
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Open: 10am.
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Close: 7pm.
  • Sunday
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Open: 11am
    • Vendor/Guest Area Doors Close: 5pm.

Q&A Panel & Event Schedule

The HorrorHound Weekend Q&A Panel Room will host a number of events over the weekend of September 6-8th, including film reunion panels, demos and premiere movie screenings! Across the street at the Marriott Indianapolis East, after hour events include the Costume Contest and Contest, live concert and much more! All after hour events are scheduled to go on past midnight!

Here is the most updated schedule currently available:

  • Friday
    • 4:00-7:30pm: Super-8 Film Festival Tribute to Ray Harryhausen SCREENING
    • 7:30-8:30pm: Jamie Kennedy Q&A PANEL
    • 9:00-10:00pm: Dan Roebuck MASK-FEST EVENT
    • 10:30-1:00am: Mr. Hamilton & DJ Joel's PAJAMA DANCE PARTY!
  • Saturday
    • 11:00-12:30pm: Dario Argento's Dracula SCREENING
    • 12:30-1:30pm: Making Monsters Q&A PANEL (Travel Channel)
    • 1:30-2:30pm: MST3K: The Motion Picture Odyssey SCREENING
    • 2:30-3:00pm: Full Moon Pictures Q&A PANEL
    • 3:00-4:00pm: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Q&A PANEL
    • 4:00-5:00pm: Horror's Hallowed Grounds SCREENING/Q&A
    • 5:00-6:00pm: Freddy vs. Jason Q&A PANEL
    • 7:00-7:30pm: Costume Contest Registration Begins
    • 7:30-8:00pm: Costume Contest Doors Open
    • 8:00-10:00pm: Costume Contest (Free to VIP/Weekend Pass Holders)
    • 10:00-1:00am: Record Release Concert: HARLEY POE w/SCUMBELINA (Free to VIP/Weekend Pass Holders)
  • Sunday
    • 12:00-1:30pm: Plus One SCREENING
    • 1:30-3:00pm: Return of the Killer Shrews SCREENING

***ALL films, panels, concerts and times subject to change***