Night Terrors
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All celebrities will be appearing at HorrorHound Weekend for all three days of the convention, unless noted otherwise on their guest image. Outside of pre-scheduled Q&As, Professional Photo Ops, and lunch/breaks, all celebrity guests will be appearing on-site, signing in pre-designated areas of the convention area (maps of the ballrooms will be provided as the show gets closer). Fans will be able to meet and purchase autographs, experiencing personable moments with various guests during the show hours. Select guests will even feature line cut access for VIP ticket holders, allowing for quicker access to purchase autographs and meet select guests. Most celebrity guests will be allowing photography at their booth (outside of the before-mentioned pro photo ops), although some fees may apply for selfies (including combo deals for both autographs/selfies – guests with said pricing will be noted below). We will attempt to update attendees with expected autograph pricing as it is made available to us. But in EVERY case, pricing is subject to change and never guaranteed. For professional photo op purchases, please click on the guest image (on the main page) in which you are interested in purchasing said pro photo op (these are professionally-lit and shot photo sessions, which include an 8x10 print out of said-op) – or you can click on the Celeb Photo Op link above. For celebrity Q&A schedules, please click on the EVENTS link above. (Autograph Pricing will be updated as information from guest management is received.)

(All guests are assumed to allow table photos unless stated otherwise below.
If table photo pricing is not listed; this does not mean we can confirm table photos are free.)
Pro Photo-Op Rules: CLICK HERE
Pro Photo-Op Schedule: CLICK HERE

Alex Vincent: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie w/Chucky), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Barbara Hershey: $40 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $60 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Bob Gimlin: $20 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Brad Dourif: $50 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $70 (Combo), PRO-OP!
C. Thomas Howell: $40 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $60 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Chandler Riggs: $60, Photo-op ONLY: PRO-OP! (FRI/SAT only)
Charlie Benante: $30 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Chris Sullivan: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Christine Ellise: $30 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Cooper Andrews: $30 (Auto), $30 (Selfie), $50 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Danielle Harris: $40 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
David Arquette: $40 (Auto), $? (Selfie), PRO-OP!
David Labrava: $40 (Auto), $? (Selfie), PRO-OP!
Dee Wallace: $30 (includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Fiona Dourif: $25 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $35 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Gaten Matarazzo: $40 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $60 (Combo), PRO-OP! (SAT/SUN only)
Henry Rollins: No signings/ops. Live Stage Event Only. CLICK HERE to order! (FRIDAY)
Henry Thomas: $40 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $60 (Combo), PRO-OP!
James Remar: $40 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Jayson Warner Smith: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Joe Pantoliano: $30 (Auto), $30 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Jordan Woods-Robinson: $30 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Joshua Mikel: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Juan Gabriel Pareja: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Julie Benz: $40 (Auto), Photo-op ONLY: PRO-OP! (SAT/SUN only)
Khary Payton: $60 (Auto), Photo-op only: PRO-OP!
Kirk Acevedo: $40 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Lloyd Kaufman: $0 (Free w/Purchase at Troma booth)
Mark Steger: $40 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Michael Rooker: $60 (Auto), Photo-op ONLY: PRO-OP!
Paul Taylor: $25 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Randy Havens: $30 (Auto), $20 (Selfie), $40 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Rey Mysterio: $40 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $60 (Combo), PRO-OP! (FRI/SAT only)
Rob Mello: $25 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Robert MacNaughton: $30 (Auto, includes Selfie), PRO-OP!
Ron Perlman: $60 (Auto), PRO-OP! (SAT/SUN only)
Ross Marquand: $40 (Auto), Photo-op ONLY: PRO-OP!
Ryan Hurst: $60 (Auto), $? (Selfie), PRO-OP!
Scott Wilson: $50 (Auto), $40 (Selfie), $80 (Combo), PRO-OP!
Soska Sisters: $60 (Auto, includes Selfie); $40 (Duo Selfie); $80 (Duo Combo)
Sting: $60 (Auto), Photo-op ONLY: PRO-OP! (SATURDAY ONLY: 12-3pm)
Tom Holland: $30 (Auto), $15 (Selfie), PRO-OP!
Tommy Flanagan: $40 (Auto), $? (Selfie), PRO-OP!