John Waters: This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible!


John Waters
is a cinema icon director, writer, producer, actor, author ... his films have made an immense impact on this amazing industry. From his early titles like Multiple Maniacs, Pink Flamingos, and Female Trouble to his more well known features like Hairspray, Cry-Baby, and Serial Mom. He delivered such gems as Cecil B. DeMented, and Pecker, to cult faves like Polyester, A Dirty Shame, and Desperate Living. As an actor, he made an impact on such films as Seed of Chucky, and Excision. He portrayed the "Groom Reaper" on Love You to Death and had an iconic appearance on The Simpsons as "John" in "Homer's Phobia" and being of central focus in the Lonely Island song/video "The Creep." It's nearly impossible to list all of his credits! And that doesn't even touch on his work as a published author having penned such works as "Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America," "Role Models," "Crackpot," and "Sock Value." We are beyond thrilled that John Waters will be performing his beloved stage act at HorrorHound Weekend!

"This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible!" will be a special one-evening appearance/on-stage event only. This stage event will be available via additional ticket purchase only; But there is some good news for autograph seekers! We can confirm that we will be securing a limited number of books and Blu-rays, to be signed by Mr. Waters, and made available for sale during the event at the HorrorHound booth and at John Waters' performance. On top of this, we have a special VIP package for "This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible" which will allow ticket-buyers front-of-room seating, as well as an after-show meet-n-greet with John Waters, where you will receive a signed copy of his book, "Carsick," as well as have a chance to have your own item(s) signed, and get a photo op! To secure your tickets - CLICK HERE!

John Waters

*Please note: Standard HHW VIP ticket purchase does not grant you access to "This Filthy World: Filthier and More Horrible!"