Mask-Fest FAQ:

What is Mask-Fest? presents Mask-Fest – a special event in conjunction with HorrorHound Weekend: Indianapolis. Mask-Fest is a convention dedicated to the art of monsters, bringing together vendors, celebrities and artists who present one of the most art-driven convention experiences this side of Hollywood. Over 100 vendor tables present the best in mask masking, special makeup effects, costumes, painting, artwork, sculpture, models and other related businesses. You have a chance to own or see original film props, makeup demos, face and body paints as well as a selection of the industries best Hollywood FX celebrities. Past participants include Steve Johnson, Don Post Jr., William Malone, Dan Roebuck, Jordu Schell, Ed Edmunds and more!
How do I buy Tickets to Mask-Fest
Mask-Fest is a special event that occurs in conjunction with HorrorHound Weekend. Admission into Mask-Fest is free for all HorrorHound Weekend ticket holders. To order your ticket, follow the TICKET link at the top of this page and follow it to the Web Store.
Are Autographs Free?
Unfortunately, no. The main reason the celebrities are doing the convention (instead of actual film work or time off to spend with their family) is because of the financial return these shows deliver. Some celebrities attending may sign for free, but nothing is guaranteed.
How much are Autographs?
Prior to the show, HorrorHound has no way of knowing what autograph pricing will be. The value is chosen by the individual talent. Generally pricing is set at $15-25. If knowing these prices are extremely important, check out your local horror chat board and see if anyone has past history with specific guests.
Are autographs included in the ticket price?
NO! Prices are decided by the celebrity. See above.
Should I rely on the Celebrity to have items to sign?
Most guests should carry a number of photographs or in some cases posters and other odd memorabilia for sale. DO NOT rely on this however, as everybody attending the show for the sole purpose of autographs should at least bring one item from home to get signed.
Are all Celebrities guaranteed to be in attendance?
NO! Celebrities are contracted to attend all three days of the show, however, due to emergencies, illness or sudden scheduling conflicts relating to filming, celebrities are known to cancel out of conventions. The promoters try to avoid booking stars with potential conflicts, however, sometimes these events are unavoidable. We suggest frequent visits to the event Web site, forum and facebook page to keep track of who is coming, and isn't. DO NOT PURCHASE tickets for one guest as refunds will not be given due to a guest cancelation.
Are Photographs Allowed?
Unless the celebrity says otherwise, photographs of the celebrities (and in cases, you with the celebrity) are perfectly acceptible. We do ask that you treat the talent with respect in this regard. Note that no video-recording is allowed during the convention without the express written concent of the HorrorHound Weekend promoters and the talent involved.
I want to wait until the weekend of the show to buy tickets, is that ok?
Absolutely. We will have staff ready at the front door handling ticket sales, but keep in mind: Discounted tickets are only available online for a limited time. The price WILL increase. Also, with pre-sales doing so well, ticket prices may adjust even more just prior to the show or at the door. Do not expect the online price to reflect prices at the door.
Are Hotel rooms still available?
HorrorHound Weekend events are known for selling out the event hotel as well as neighboring hotels months in advance of the show. It is always suggested to book your room early. Click on the hotel section of the convention Web site for assistance in booking your room.
I have a small child, do I have to buy him/her a ticket?
NO! All children 12 and under are allowed entry into HorrorHound Weekend for free. Just make sure that they are well watched and aren't afraid of the boogey man!
What days and times with Celebrity guests be signing?
Unless it is otherwise noted, every guest at HorrorHound Weekend/Mask-Fest will be signing all three days of the show, taking time off only for food breaks, Q&A sessions being planned during the weekend and personal time-outs. If any guest is scheduled to have a lighter schedule during the weekend, it will be posted clearly on the website homepage or guest page.
Are there really going to be THAT many fans attending HorrorHound Weekend/Mask-Fest?
As with any plan, everything is tentative, but the average turn-out for a HorrorHound Weekend event is generally high, so plan accordingly. Expect lines, crowds and we suggest picking up early-admission tickets if you wish to get some important matters done before the larger crowds enter the show. If ticket sales are so strong, we risk overloading our event against fire hazard laws, we will shut down ticket sales - just another reason to consider pre-purchasing. Our Indianapolis events boast approximately 12,000 attendees, while Cincinnati has a range 6,000 and growing.
Is drinking allowed in the Convention?
Only staff and vendors will be allowed to drink inside the actual convention hall. The hotel features a restaurant and bar inside of the lobby and a number of local eateries which you can stop at. Drinking is allowed in the hotel, but we ask that attendees do not bring open containers within the ballrooms. When the event comes to a close, the hotel features a full bar which most vendors and celebrities may attend. It will be a good time.
Do I have to pay for admission into the Film and Q&As?
No. We will feature a film festival inside of the hotel showcasing some of the hottest new independent horror films, as well as a special room for celebrity panels. Most of these events are free (included with the price of admission). In rare cases, an additional fee MAY be attached to a screening - but will be announced and promoted WAY in advance. As for regular events - seating is limited, so be kind and properly situate yourself in the room, be quiet and no cell phone conversations. Security will be on hand in the room at all times to ensure everyone enjoys their chance at seeing these advance screenings!
How can I attend any after-hour event or Concerts?
At most HorrorHound Weekend conventions we host special concerts, parties or other additional activities after hours. You can obtain guaranteed access by purchasing a GOLD PASS which grants you a VIP ticket for all HHW / Mask-Fest events. If a concert is announced for any show, we will have ticket-purchasing information for non-VIP ticket holders posted on the Web site as soon as details are determined.They are generally either sold as a first-come, first-serve basis or may be free admission to Weekend ticket holders. Each event is handled differently so please visit the event page on for full details as the show gets closer.