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• On-site registration desk will begin at 2:00 PM on Saturday. The desk will be located in the hallway of the hotel lobby – outside of Freedom Ballroom/Q&A Room.
• Contestants must check in between 4:00 and 4:45 PM on Saturday at the contest registration desk located outside of Freedom Ballroom/Q&A. Contestants will then sign the photo release form and receive a contestant #.
• Contestants will be lined up by Costume Category inside the Freedom Ballroom/Q&A at 5:00 PM.
• Contest will begin by 5:30 PM. Contest Categories:

• Adaptation (Movie/TV/Comic/Video Game Based)
• Original Creation
• Children's Costume
• Best in Show

$100; trophy; HorrorHound prize bag (Grand Prize: Overall BEST IN SHOW)
$50; trophy; HorrorHound prize bag (Best Movie Based)
$50; trophy; HorrorHound prize bag (Best Adaptation)
$50; trophy; HorrorHound prize bag (Best Children's)

Contestants will be judged on:
• Technical Difficulty
• Originality (or Accuracy if adapted movie/tv/game/comic based)
• On-stage Presence The contest will take place in two rounds:

Round One:
• Contestants of the same costume category will be called in groups of five to walk on stage to display their costumes for the audience and judges.
• Round Two: The highest scoring contestants in each of the three categories will be called back on stage. Each contestant will pose for the audience and judges. (Judges will break to tally the scoring and confer on the final winners.)

• Winners will be called on stage to accept their prize in this order: o
Best Children's
Best Adapted
Best Original
Best in Show Rules of the Contest:

• There is no entry fee to participate in the contest; however, you must obtain entry into HorrorHound Weekend in order to participate.
• No cursing, or any sort of vulgar speech is permitted on stage.
• No one is to speak with the judges, contributors, organizers, etc., in an attempt to sway voting in their favor.
• HorrorHound staff, vendors, and sponsors will photograph all contestants. We are not accountable or responsible for other independent photographer in the audience.
• Winners must sign an acknowledgement that they have received the promised cash prize of their category.