Bruce Campbell Signing Information:
Much like every Bruce Campbell convention appearance, we have a strict schedule which will be in place for Bruce's two day appearance at HorrorHound Weekend March 22nd and March 23rd. To help those who are wishing to meet and purchase a Bruce Campbell autograph here is some information on how his appearance will be ran:

Starting at the beginning of the event on Saturday attendees can walk to, and line up in Bruce Campbell's signing room (the lower level, next to the Evil Dead room). We will begin to give a time-coded line queue tickets which will inform the attendee of a specific time in which they are to return to Bruce's signing room to line up. Tickets will be limited (see below for more details) and are subject to a "line cap."

Please be aware there are only so many people who can get through Bruce's line in a day as with any high-demand celebrity there are limitations and queue tickets will be given in a first-come, first serve basis. If at the end of Saturday, Bruce has not signed for all attendees who have a queue ticket (a number that is pre-determined by Bruce's management); those individuals will be allowed to use their queue ticket on Sunday and a remaining number of queue tickets will be issued on Sunday morning in a similar fashion.

Bruce signs a lot faster than some other high-demand celebrities he will not take posed photos at the table and we will have a crew assisting the running of the line to assure all attendees items are ready for signature and with details about personalization. Bruce will sign any items except for Dynamite Comic Books. We hope this information helps! Thanks much!