Vendor Information


Our ballrooms will be packed with plenty of opportunities to sell horror toys, t-shirts, books, movies, masks, art and autographs. Tables are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. No table is guaranteed until payment has been received and dealer contracts have been filled out and returned. Contact us at or fill out the form below for a copy of said dealer contract and information about availability. Our last event sold-out early; so dont miss out on this big event - contact us today! Check out information below for dealer rules, tips and suggestions:

Table Cost

Table costs are $250 first-come, first-serve basis. If wall space is desired make your request early as wall space is exteremly limited.

* $250 Table price is a limited-time cost. Payments sent after 10/01/10 should include the new table cost of $270. Anyone who has not paid by 11/01/10 should include the final price increase of $290 per table. Tables are only guaranteed with the receipt of payment and this contract. Email any questions regarding these prices. Reminder: Our last show sold out - space is limited. Book your space today!

Vendor Times
Vendors will be able to begin unloading Friday morning of the show normally around 10am.
Vendors will be allowed into the Vendor hall day Friday until Vendor area closes.
Vendors will be allowed into the Vendor area Saturday and Sunday 1-hour before opening.
Vendors will NOT be permitted into the Vendor area after the Vendor area closes to the public.

Vendor Form
If interested in a Vendor Contract please copy/paste the below information and mail to:
Number of Tables:
Number of Badges:
*You receive 2 dealer badges for your first table and 1 badge for each additional table.
Additional require an additional charge or can be purchased when you arrive.
What do you sell?

Vendor Rules
  • By ordering tables, you are agreeing that your table will be opperational during the entire time that the dealer's room is open to the public.
  • Exhibits may not extend past specified space (including into the aisles or other dealer's booths).
  • Each dealer is granted 2 weekend passes per table purchased.
  • No table is guaranteed until payment has been received. Table spot is not guaranteed.
  • Sell of Copyrighted material, Trademarks, or other intellectual property rights used without proper authorization is not endorsed or permitted.
  • All materials sold by vendors are strictly from one collector to another with no rights implied.
  • HorrorHound has the right to refuse displayed material we may find inappropriate for public viewing (including, but not limited to, pornagraphic materials). This is a family-friendly show, so all vendors keep that in mind!
  • HorrorHound is not to be held responsible for any merchandise bought, sold or traded on the HorrorHound Weekend premesis.

Sales Tax Information
The State of Ohio requires the seller of ANYTHING to acquire a Transient Vendor Lincense; the cost is $25 non-refundable. Completeting the application online helps reduce the time it takes to register with the Ohio Department of Revenue. Once your application is completed and submitted, the Ohio Department of Revenue will contact you within 48 hours regarding the status of your application.
  • A Transient Vendor License is required by the State of Ohio for retailer who transports stock(s) of goods to temporary places of business in order to make sales. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation and valid throughout the state.
  • Fill out Transient Vendor Application here
  • We do not verify/check each vendors resell certificates but encourage all vendors to abide to State of Ohio laws.
  • Sale and Use Tax filing website:

Vendor List
To help fans attending HorrorHound Weekend this November 12-14th, we have decided to place a vendor list online to let fans know some of the companies currently scheduled to attend the event. This is in no way a finalized list - be sure to check back for updates...
  • Amok Time Toys
  • Bell Book and Comics
  • Billy Tackett Studios
  • Carl Merritt Productions
  • Cinema Wasteland
  • CBGrafix
  • Cinema Wasteland
  • Dark Art of April A Taylor Photography
  • Dark Carnival Film Fest
  • Darkrider Filmworks
  • Deadpit Radio
  • Dick Starr
  • DKS Entertainment
  • Eclipse
  • Felix Diaz
  • Fort Dinosaur Productions
  • Fright Rags
  • Full Moon
  • The Gemini Comp.
  • The Ghouligans
  • Gorehound Features
  • Gunga's Drive-In
  • Hel on Ice
  • Hollywood Book & Poster
  • HorrorHound Magazine
  • Horror Merch
  • Horror Show Jack Productions, LLC.
  • Immortal Ink
  • Invisible Man Corp.
  • Jabb Pictures
  • Jay E. Fife Illustrations
  • Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials
  • Joel Robinson
  • Kitley's Krypt
  • Kooky Spooky Productions
  • Library of the Living Dead
  • LixChix
  • Lydia Burris
  • Magnetic Personalities
  • Midnite Mausoleum
  • Monsters Among Us
  • Movie Madness
  • Ms. Monster's Hel on Ice
  • Night of the Living Podcast
  • Paranormal Babies
  • Parkers Records and Comics
  • Premeire Collectibles
  • Primo Cardinalli
  • Puppet Monster Massacre
  • Real Ohio Ghostbusters
  • Retro Outlaw
  • Scottra Monster Art
  • Shock Studios
  • Sinister Sweets
  • Skull 13
  • Slaughtered Lamb
  • Spellbound Soapworks
  • Strychnine Sisters
  • Synapse Films
  • Tornspace Films
  • Troma
  • Turntabling
  • Twilight Creations, Inc.
  • VCI
  • Western Evil
  • Wicked Chef
  • Zombie Universe
Vendors: If we are missing you from our list - email us at today!

HorrorHound Thanks You!
In hopes of making HorrorHound Weekend one of the most enjoyable events possible, we thanks every vendor, guest and attendie for their support in the making of this show. One of the tag lines HorrorHound Magazine utilizes is: "Feed the Beast: Tell Your Friends" and we appreciate every single individual who helps make this tag line a reality. HorrorHound Weekend will be one of the most talked-about horror conventions of recent years and we hope it is the first in a long line of continued events. Thanks to everyone who has, and continues to help make this a reality.